Visa Procedures for the Buddhist Monk


It is mandatory that the following steps are taken before the Non-Immigrant “ED” visa for the Monk can be issued:

  1. 1. Recommendation letter from the temple in Thailand sent to the Office of Buddhism, Thailand.
  2. 2. Recommendation letter from the Office of Buddhism, Thailand, sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand.
  3. 3. Approval letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand, sent to the Royal Thai Embassy.
  4. 4. The Royal Thai Embassy issues Non-Immigrant “ED” visa for the Monk (visa applicant)


The Royal Thai Embassy, Dhaka June 2014


Non-Immigrant Visa

Single Entry

BDT 5800

per Applicant
  • Validity 3 Months

Multiple Entry

BDT 14500

per Applicant
  • Validity 1 Year

Multiple Entry

BDT 29000

per Applicant
  • Validity 3 Years
Other than the visa fee Saimon Overseas Ltd. service charge BDT 500 and bank draft making charge BDT 40 per applicant is payable.

Photo Specification

Photo Specification

  • 1. Please provide identical copies of a recent photograph, taken within the last 6 months.
  • 2. Number of Photo: 2 Copy
  • 3. Photo Size: 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm
  • 4. The photographs should be in colour and taken against a white or light background so that your features are clearly distinguishable.
  • 5. our full face should be visible. The photograph should be taken without sunglasses and without a hat or any other head covering, unless you wear such an item because of your religious beliefs or ethnic background.
  • 6. Scan photograph is not acceptable, should be lab print
  • 7. The photographs should be clear not hazy or not be edited and of good quality, and should be printed on normal photographic paper. Please note that we will be unable to accept photographs that do not meet these specifications.
  • 8. One photograph should be glued to the form and other one to staple on glued one.
  • Please note that while the time frames indicated will apply in most cases, some applications may take longer than usual. Applicants are requested to check their passport status by clicking the link Track your Application online before coming to collect their passports.
  • Dhaka: Minimum 5 working days including the date of submission.
  • Chittagong: Minimum 7 working days including the date of submission.
  • Sylhet: Minimum 9 working days including the date of submission.